October 2023 - Current

A dashboard for the minimalists

SvelteKit, Supabase, OAuth, TailwindCSS


October 2023 - Current

A simple operating system written in rust

Rust, OS


September 2023

A simple web server with thread pooling.

Rust, web server, thread-pooling


August 2023

A CLI tool to help with hyprland management

Rust, CLI

Graphics Portfolio for Alex Vaccaro.

Astro, SEO, Framer motion, tailwindcss

Full website for AGM Agency Ltd.

Astro, SEO, Framer motion, tailwindcss

Landing page for MotorGrowth

Astro, SEO, Framer motion, tailwindcss


March 2023 - Ongoing

A CLI tool to manage your repositories

Rust, CLI, Cross platform


December 2023

My personal portfolio website

Astro, tailwindcss, Typescript

Rust Projects

November 2022 - Ongoing

A collection of projects written using rust. It is very diverse ranging from a API server connected SurrealDb to a single-channel/multiple-receiver chat application. Read more about in the it's page.

Rust, Problem Solving, Actix, SurrealDb

Rust Practice

June 2022 - Ongoing

A collection of solutions to unique problems I've come across. Apart from that, also contains all my leetcode and edabit submissions in Rust.

Rust, Problem Solving, Leetcode, Edabit

A wiki for Arch Linux containing instructions on basic system operations. I did this so that other people could visit it when they are trying to do something for the first time and don't know how. E.g: Setting up bluetooth, vpn, different kernels, etc ...

Linux Systems

File organiser

February 2022

An application to be used with file dumps to sort files based on extension and metadata.

Avalonia, C#

Banking Application

February 2022

My Non Exam Assessment coursework for Computer Science (A-level), aptly name Super Stonks. Although the project itself does not have a highly appealing UI, it is completely usuable and very minimal and stylish. The frontend was made using Angular 12 with Angular material. For the backend, I was using the .NET stack of EF Core, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL. Identity Management was done using Microsoft AAD (B2C).

C#, Angular, MSSQL, Active Directory

My first time building an application. Went overkill on an assignment and tried making a GUI for it.