Migrating from my old site!

Fri, 17 Feb 2023

Mon, 30 Jan 2023

4 minutes

About 10 months ago, I made my first website. This was just plain HTML and CSS, but I quickly moved onto a static site generator called zola. I used a prebuilt theme and called it a day. You can still visit it here. But as I got deeper and deeper into programming, learning linux and self-hosting, I wasn’t content with someone else’s theme. I wanted to make my own theme.

Choosing the framework

Now that I had decided to make my own site, there were so many to choose from. I was definitely not going to choose Angular despite having the most experience in it, because it felt too clunky. I wanted my site to be blazingly fast as possible. So I explored SSG’s such as Hugo, Gatsby and Next.js. I tried Next.js as I intended to use it for my freelance projects as well. The result of this was nextjs-hegdeatri-dot-com. Although I learnt a lot, since it was my first time using Nextjs and Tailwindcss, I was not happy. I had rushed it, there was not enough planning.

In comes Astro

After watching a video on Astro.build on Odysee, I had made up my mind, I was going to use Astro. The concept of opt-in javascript was just what I wanted. Since it was also at this point, I had started to avoid using javascript, and started disliking it strictly from a language point of view. But I didn’t want to rush the development, since I lacked motivation and had no clear design principles for the site and didn’t want the Next.js disaster to repeat.


I didn’t know how to implement most of the features I wanted to so development was a really slow and painstaking process, since I had just started university and didn’t have time for this. After 2 months, I had a Eureka moment! I knew what I wanted now, so I started reading up the docs and building up the website.

Problems I encountered

Mobile design

For now I am just trying to get everything working on desktop. The mobile version of this website will be an afterthought. However I aim to make the website completely usuable, altough it might lack some features (such as the toc table on posts). I plan to remove all the bloat on mobile phones using media queries (useless icons won’t be eating up the space), getting rid of this bloat, and a bunch of margins/paddings, will make an easy port to mobile devices.


Although I could copy the markdown files of my posts to this site without affecting the links, I felt like a clean slate was what I needed. This was mostly since I became more knowledgable about the things I am passionate about, my opinions and view have changed quite a bit from earlier. I do plan on re-writing a few articles for the new website.


I am using Vercel to host my website, with a CI pipeline setup with my GitHub repository. It roughly takes 20-30s to deploy demostrating just how performant astro is. Also props to Vercel for making it quick!

I get a perfect score on every category in pagespeed!

PageSpeed score screenshot showing 100/100 in every category


1 month later, and here we are! I think the website looks beautiful, although I wouldn’t recommend turning on light mode 😅. There are still a few features missing, like search and the projects page. There are a few easter eggs such as being able to activate the hidden light mode 😲, try and find them!

Overall I think Astro is a really cool framework and I’ll definitely be using it for upcoming projects.