Purpose, Personality, Perseverance

The 3 P's you need.

It's gonna be hard anyway so just do it.

I read this quote and it introduced a new paradigm of thinking. Just do it. Do it with 100% of your focus and power so you never regret not trying.

When I had my individuality and personality, I didn't have the perseverance. When I got the perseverance, I was monotone and replacable.

This made me come up with the 3 P's I need in life, and most probably you too.

Purpose. Personality. Perseverance.


Without purpose, you are do not have enough reason or the intrinsic motivation process to help you keep that long term drive and let you get into flow state. You need to have purpose to know what your next move. It's not always easy to find your purpose. It can be simple or complex. What matters is your belief in it. How badly do you actually want it? Turns out not that badly once we start and face some difficulties. So find something that you want very, very badly.


Personality is what differentiate you from all the other people with similar purpose. Personality will mostly define what people interact with; the world perception of you. Use this to be charming or mysterious or however you want to be.

It all starts from you. Start smiling and laughing and you'll see people around you start to reflect that. Chnage yourself and watch the people around you change.


For me everything has mostly been a game of perseverance. How long can you last? Can you last long enough to see the light at the end?

This quality is quite hard to achieve. Let me share with you some quotes that have helped me persevere.

What if? What if I can pull this off? What if I can become something people think I cannot be?

~ David Goggins

It's gonna be hard for you when you wish you hadn't given up. It's gonna hard for you when you do it right now. Why not just do it?

It's important to try and see the next 3, 5 or even 10 moves as you're persevering so not to have a narrow vision at the end and being surprised at where you land. Make sure you that you do know your goal that your working towards and that you are on track. Very easy to get lost.

This was the only P that I had for a long time. I had 'lost' my personality and purpose. This meant I was chugging along, blindly without realising what the problem was or that I was veering off track.

Ending thoughts

In the end all of it can tie back to discipline. You need some sort of discipline to achieve anything in life.

The truth is there isn't a one fits all in terms of discipline. But that doesn't mean you get stuck trying to find it. In fact, discipline is like a big hunk of metal, just start with basics. You keep it hot by following and doing it everyday, and then hammer it to suit you.

This was quite different from what I usually try to write, but getting points like this across just using words is a goal of mine so lemme know how I could improve. See you next time.