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Calculate pi


You have a function called random, that calculates a number from 0 to 1 randomly. Now calculate the value of pi.


Pi is the ratio of the circumference to its diameter. Lets imagine the points to be in a circle now. image with points in a circle that is inside a square We can determine if a point (two of the random numbers we generate) is inside or outside the circle using the formula: Then we compare it to the radius of the circle (1) to see if it is inside or outside the circle. Simplifying gives us

Therefore we can calculate pi with some random numbers. Here is my rust code for that:

fn main() {

fn run(iterations: i64) {
    let mut num_circle = 0.0;
    let mut num_total = 0.0;
    let mut rng = rand::thread_rng();
    let now = Instant::now();
    for _ in 0..iterations {
        let x: f64 = rng.gen_range(0.0..1.0);
        let y: f64 = rng.gen_range(0.0..1.0);
        let distance: f64 = (x * x) + (y * y);
        if distance <= 1.0 {
            num_circle += 1.0;
        num_total += 1.0;
    let pi = 4.0 * (num_circle / num_total);
    let elapsed_time = now.elapsed();
    println!("Calculated value of pi is: {}", pi);

We can change the number of iterations to change our accuracy.

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