This is a program written in Rust to manage a directory filled with git repositories. You can view its source code on GitHub.

This project is still incomplete and on-going. Progress can feel slow sometimes since I also need to keep up university :P.


I did this to manage all the repos I work on. I usually have a repositories folder into which I have directories(some nested even) into which I clone and organise all my git repositories

Sometimes I work in and out of repositories and don’t know whether I have any pending changes to commit. I thought it’d be really helpful if I had a tool to do this for me. Discover all the git repositories recursively from a folder and gimme an overview of what projects have un-pushed commits, staged but uncommited changes and so on.

This is my first “proper” CLI tool built using rust. So it may be rough around the edges, so if you have any tips, do let me know!