File Organiser

You can check out the project on my GitHub

A C# application written using the Avalonia framework. It was made when I had recovered over 2TB of data from a hard drive all into one folder.

This application organizes files in a folder based on specified options.

I have considered re-writing this appication in rust. I will do so sometime in the future (TBA).


File organiser GUI preview

The journey

After I had a data loss, I got the idea for this application. I wanted to write this in C# after enjoying it whilst making my NEA. There were quite a few choices such as .NET MAUI, electron (🤢), Avalonia and the Uno platform.

Ultimately Avalonia was very easy to get started with, and most importantly worked first try on the linux machines I was using at the time. The MVC pattern was easy to follow along and I started making the method that would move the file(MoveFile(...)). This took me some time to develop since I had to take into account many options that I made available.I learnt how to use file metadata for the first time Other than a bunch of conditional branching, I also manipulated string for file path, and handled exception for when it failed.

How to use

You can download the application from the releases page.

Then press Organize, you should be able to see the progress in the progress bar and its percentage right above it.