I'm leaving GitHub...

Sat, 30 Sep 2023

2 minutes

why 🥲

I am currently on the process of leaving GitHub. It hasn’t been a good experience for me.

It started when they started ignoring users privacy. They are quite “transparent” but I do not trust it with my private repositories anymore…

There’s also the fact that GitHub is propreitary.


GitLab is the best alternative feature-wise. It has all I want and more…except its UI. Its not terrible, it definitely is easy to use but it doesn’t have the modern sleek look that I am looking for.


Its a non-profit association based in Berlin, Germany and hosts Codeberg.org, which is a soft-fork of Gitea. It is mostly limited to Gitea’s features. I will be missing out on GitLab’s identity and its integrations with some of the tools I already use in CI/CD.

I really like its simplicity and UI compared to GitLab, which feels clunky.


I will still be using GitHub from some of my projects where it is the most convenient/necessary.

However for the rest of it I will be moving it to Codeberg, and for projects that require GitLab, I will mirror the repo on Codeberg into GitLab.

What are your thoughts? Did I miss any good git platforms?